Rotary helps with Cashmere stream restoration

Cashmere Stream update

The first Saturday in July dawned clear and frosty. Undeterred by the frost and a 9am start members of Cashmere Rotary joined volunteers from the local community in a stream side planting bee. Over the morning some 50 volunteers planted 2500 plants.  The youngest volunteer (not even a year old?) spent most of the morning sleeping on Mums back. A future Eco warrior!!

Cashmere Stream Care Group  provided a sausage sizzle which was organized by Cashmere Rotary. It was a good opportunity to relax and chat

The planting opportunity to restore the much neglected Cashmere Stream. A partnership was developed between CCC bee was the last in a series involving local residents, Cashmere Stream Care Group and the CCC in the wetland area named Te Kuru.. Te Kuru is essentially a stormwater retention system of which Cashmere Stream is the center piece. CCC and Central Govt saw the creation of the storm water system as an, local Iwi and Cashmere Stream Care group to plan and execute restoration of the Cashmere Stream. This area lies between Halswell and Cashmere and CCC and contractor GSL are currently working on constructing the last paths and landscaping that will allow walking and cycling through the wetland from Sutherlands Road to Cashmere Road/Happy Home road junction.

Te Kuru is partially open to the public now and Contractors hope to have completed the last stages pre Xmas 2023 which will allow public access.

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