Categories of Membership

 In addition to the active and honorary membership categories provided for in the Rotary Club constitution, our club makes provision for the following membership types:

a)     Family membership – intended to help younger couples with families who may not be able to attend regularly and therefore open to couples where one or other or both can attend meetings. One sub is payable. At a business meeting there would be one vote per family membership.

b)      Organisation membership – intended to encourage participation from schools, Government organisations and commercial organisations. One membership only is required and the organisation would be encouraged to regularly send one of their team to meetings. There is no voting right associated with this category of membership. An individual person, who originally represents an organisation, may subsequently become an active member of the club in his or her own right through the normal process of electing new members to the club.

c)      Associate membership – intended to encourage participation by young adults (typically in the 18 to 25 age group) on the basis that the individuals get to experience Rotary, including club meetings and fundraising, while not being a full member of the club.  Associate membership is generally limited to 6 months, with the expectation that individuals either join the club or move on within that time frame. No subs are payable by associate members who have no voting rights.

d)     Friends of Rotary – open to members accepted by the board who support the goals of Rotary but are unable to be active in a regular club membership role. No subs are payable and Friends of Rotary have no voting rights.

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