Rotary Club of Cashmere COVID-19 Protocols

The Club’s number one priority is the health and wellbeing of its members. With this in mind, we need to know what we are doing to keep everyone, as safe as possible during this time. We will take guidance from the Ministry of Health on their recommended key preventative measures.

We will follow the Ministry of Health guidelines to ensure we all help keep everyone safe at our meetings and on sites where we are engaged in Community activities. At the like of Schools and Malls, members are fully aware of the protocols at these sites.

Members who have travelled overseas recently and, in the future, do not attend meetings until they have completed the current requirements of Self Isolation.

Good quality, safe food is essential to all of our health, therefore good hygiene and food safety processes are maintained. This includes cleaning and disinfecting measures, which are aligned with food safety practices.

Weekly Meetings will continue, as long as we can comply with the latest Ministry of Health guidelines for group association. Attendance is a member’s personal decision.

Meeting Protocols

All people attending a meeting must have a current vaccination pass. If you feel unwell or have a low immunity due to some other cause, it is inadvisable to attend Club meetings or other functions, where there is close social interaction. Guest Speakers to be advised in advance of our Club protocols Greetings with members and guests should be limited to following social distancing practices Good hygiene practices with frequent hand washing Good coughing and sneezing etiquette Regular updates for members on Ministry of Health guidelines. To maintain an adequate supply of wipes and sanitisers


This is a time of a lot of change that’s likely to create some anxiety, which could be particularly hard for vulnerable people in our communities. If you know someone who’s on their own, or who might be feeling stressed or alone at this uncertain time, please reach out to them, check they’re OK, see if they need anything – let them know you’re there. It is a time when it is important to think of our wider communities everywhere to take the precautions needed to protect their health and that of others. As a global community we are all responsible to help stop the spread of the virus, and to show compassion to one another, as we focus on stopping the spread of COVID-19.

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